Rock Climbing


Enjoy an exciting day in the shade filled with fun challenges and get the best view of Phi Phi Island from high above! .


South of the pier, Tonsai Tower dominates the horizon with its majestic formations. After climbing its face-wall, you will enjoy an amazing view of the island!


During a half or full day you will learn the basics of climbing in a fun and safe environment. Phi Phi Climbers is the most experienced shop on Phi Phi and our climbing instructors are trained to the highest safety standards.


No experience is required to do our introductory climbing course.


Phi Phi Climbers also offers advanced courses including lead climbing and multi-pitch routes with a personal instructor.


Best view on Koh Phi Phi (Let's Go!)

We Climb in the shade, all gear included, water and fruit provided.

Phi Phi Climbers believes in safe and proper instructions.


!!Rock Climbing can be very dangerous. NEVER climb with anyone who has not been properly trained!!



Our introductory climbing classes are designed for beginners and intermediate climbers who want to learn new skills in a safe yet challenging environment. You will decide, along with your instructor, exactly what you want to get out of your day with Phi Phi Climbers.

HALF DAY: 9:30 - 13:30 or 13:30 - 17:30 (4 hours)

1300 Baht

We include insurance, water, fruits, all the equipments and one guide


FULL DAY: 9:30 - 17:30 (8 hours)
2500 Baht

We include insurance, water, fruits, lunch, all the equipments and one guide


Fun Climbing
Date of your trip


Advanced courses are private, FULL DAY and will teach you all the necessary skills to be safe and independent climber. If you want to continue to climb when you leave Phi Phi or learn to climb without a guide, these courses are for you!

LEAD CLIMBING COURSE - Half Day, 2900 Baht (4 hours)
Lead Climbing is when you climb up first, clipping the rope into carabineers as you ascend.
Learn clipping techniques, abseiling and anchor and rope management.


MULTI-PITCH COURSE - Full day, 3500 Baht (4 hours) - Private Guiding

Multi-pitch climbing is the ascent of a wall or tower with one or more stops at a belay station.
Learn abseiling, advanced belaying techniques and anchor and rope management.


We include insurance, water, fruits, lunch, all the equipments and one guide



We include insurance, water, fruits, lunch, all the equipments and one guide



Half day - 2300 Baht

Full Day - 3500 Baht

GEAR RENTAL: Please see here


Learn about Rock Climbing

Tonsai Tower Grading

A climbing grade is given to the routes that describes the difficulty and danger of climbing the routes. >>>READ MORE



How Rock Climbing Works

Rock climbing involves strength, control and finesse. Using the muscles in your arms and legs to pull yourself up a sheer rock face takes strength­ and control. >>READ MORE

Skills and Technique

In the easy case there isn't really any skill involved at all. As long as a person is in decent physical shape, it's possible for just about anyone to climb a rock like this. >>READ MORE

Rock Climbing Equipment

In sport climbing, the equipment is fairly simple.
At the minimum you need climbing shoes, a harness...>>READ MORE

Lead Climbing and Belaying

The first climber to climb the route is known as the lead climber. While he/she is climbing, the lead climber is protected by the rope attached to his/her harness. The other end of the rope is held by the second climber, who is known as the belayer. >>READ MORE